I Heart Amsterdam

I Heart Amsterdam

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Morning stroll

08/23/2010 Monday Albert Cuypstr. Albert Cuyp Market 7:15am Market yet to open. @ ,,het koffiehuis’’

So I am up. Early….very early…

I went to Stumptown Coffee but it wasn’t open until later, so I settled for a photo.

I settled here at ,,het koffiehuis’’ to have a morning espresso and I have a feeling this is where I may find myself most mornings.
Maren made a wonderful discovery while browsing through iAmsterdam.com (http://www.iamsterdam.com/), the Tall Boat Festival!

There were more boats than I could count, but the truly impressive ones were the old wooden sailing boats, some of which they allowed you to walk on। To cap off the night there was a gigantic fireworks display, so many in fact and so loud that they terrified a little girl. Eventually you couldn’t see the fireworks explode anymore due to the clouds of smoke. To add to that, the smoke began to engulf the huge bay and we were also engulfed. I was particularly impressed with just how many people there were. Also everyone was drinking and walking along the canal-which made me a little thirsty- only adding to my hunger issue. Maren, Greta, Maggie, Moritz (her sweet) and I made our way along the canal and eventually found a place for food and beer. I had a bratwurst with grilled onions, spicy ketchup and a dollop of mayo. Oh, plus a Heineken.

It was nice looking back on my first day. Weird there is so much ahead of me. So now I just sit here, enjoying my espresso with sugar, watching the rain-RAIN-fall hoping it will let up since I am wearing sandals. So yeah it is raining pretty hard right now but I could care less. I am in Amsterdam!

Later after breakfast at 8am at the Bicycle Hotel, we will get our bikes. Then we have a lecture from 10-1pm and then who knows. So much to do!

I am impressed with the way in which people ride bikes here. On bike racks people sit sideways. Little kids strapped on the front and back sometimes. Total control. NO helmets-love it! Average speed seems around 5 mph. Super casual with bells on every bike. Also there are two locks on each bike, one built into the rear wheel and one chain for the front wheel and frame in which to attach to a pole. OK time to go back to BH for breakfast. Still pouring.

I may have to change when I get back home!

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